Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dead Horse Ranch Forgotten Graveyard

Long time no time!

What's happening?  This is my first post of 2013. Wow, has the time flew by! Been working a lot more than usual, so the recreation has been slowed just a bit. Time to fix that now that Summer is here!

We made another trip up the hill to Dead Horse State Park, in Cottonwood, near Sedona, a few months ago. Even though we have stayed there many, many times, the place has so much to offer, and we always discover something new, fun, and different. This time was no exception. There's an old graveyard, hardly advertised in Park brochures, just off the road, inside the Park boundaries. Apparently, the hispanic folks weren't buried in the town cemetery, but rather laid to rest right there on the ranch where they worked. Turned out to be a historical adventure finding this spot, and extremely interesting to boot.

Unknown graveyard, Dead Horse Ranch State Park

A few weeks ago I drove to Carlsbad, California for my Nephew, Scotty McGarry's at the Army Navy Academy high school graduation. Before the ceremony, I had a chance to see two old buddies that I used to play in a band with... Steve Jerome Waddell, and Robert Munger. Steve now owns and runs a rock and roll themed hair salon in Oceanside called "Rock Your Loxx!" So glad I had a chance to stop by and visit, and finally see the place I had heard so much about. Good friends, good people, good times!

L to R: Robert, Steve, & yours truly... 
3/4 of the 90's cover band, MENACE!

We bought a new (to us) Glastron boat! Got a smokin' deal from nice, older couple who no longer used it. It sat in their garage for the last 3 years or so, always covered, and for a 1974 boat, it couldn't be in better condition! I had to drive 500+ miles from Scottsdale to Bullhead City, AZ (on the Colorado River, where Nevada, California, and Arizona meet). Took a little engine work to get it going, but now it purrs out on the lake & runs smoothly. Had the maiden voyage just this last week, out at Bartlett Lake, near Phoenix.

1974 Glastron, Bartlett Lake, Arizona

On land, in the Walmart parking lot, Scottsdale.

Sometimes, it's not always about the camping and boating. Last weekend, I took the Wife to Tucson to see Cyndi Lauper in Concert! Had a great time at the old Fox Theater, great show. Not exactly my kind of music, but it was a blast hearing all those 30 year old, 80's pop tunes! Brought back memories of MTV, when they actually played Music videos. She does have a tremendous, 4 octave range, and she put on a really cool show.

 On the way down, we stopped at the ruins at Casa Grande. There isn't too much to explore here, but the main attraction is truly an amazing structure. It is the first Native American "ruins" to be set aside as a National Monument. The same canopy structure is still in place from 1932!

And, meanwhile, back at the ranch, I bought a new guitar! It's a replica of the first Eddie Van Halen guitar he made and played off their debut album, back in 1978. Plays great, and sounds even better! Costed a pretty penny, but it's totally, 100% worth it. I'm a very happy camper! (Pun intended).

"Mr. Ed," the "Frankenstrat!" Coming to a Phoenix bar or club near you soon!

I had a chance to use it in action last week when I drove out to Tustin, California to jam with my band, DRIVIN' SIDEWAYS! The band consists of my high school buddies from Foothill High, and we've been playing together since 1979... 33 years now! We're a classic hard rock band, jamming on tunes from Aerosmith to Zeppelin, and lots of stuff in between.

We had record highs today here in Phoenix: 119 degrees!!!! Yup... Blistering hot! Could be a very long Summer this year, but luckily, we'll be playing with the old Shasta camper, and the new, little, 14 foot Glastron boat. 

Happy Fourth of July everyone, and hope to check back soon after the Holiday with some new adventures!

-Eric, The Phoenix Rover.

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