Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It was time to move on from the vintage Shasta... It had no shower, toilet and bathroom. During the extremely hot summer months here in Arizona, it became a real pain to have to walk to the bath house, or otherwise, to shower or to relieve one's self. So, after much consideration, we went totally modern and chose a 24 foot Forest River, Micro-Lite. We bought it Superbowl Weekend, Feb., 2015.

The primary reason for choosing this particular RV was that 1. It had a decent sized shower that I could fit into, and 2. It has a fold-out "Murphy Bed" which saves tons of space in the front, near the entrance to the camper. Brand new, has all the bells and whistles, AC cranks, full sized 'fridge and freezer. and is really easy to setup and break down upon departure.

We only had a Honda CRV to tow our old Shasta, and I drive a gas-saving Prius, so we needed to invest in a new vehicle to tow this beast as well. Picked up a Toyota Highlander to pull the new camper with! Good thing the Wife works about 2 miles from our house, because the mileage on the Highlander isn't so swell... But, you have to expect that in a bigger SUV. Talk about an expensive week! YIKES!

So far, we haven't been on any major adventures, just the usual spots: Dead Horse Ranch (in Cottonwood, AZ), and Rancho Sedona in... Wait for it... Sedona! Can't wait to take a week or so and really cover some ground in this luxury wagon!

It took me some time to get used to this big thing. I mean, compared to our little Vintage Shasta, this thing is monstrous! I realize that many people have gigantor motor home that dwarf this thing, but to me, it was so much heavier that it seemed as though I was towing a loaded train car.

Evening cocktail hour

I'll post more photos and have more stories after the 4th of July Holiday weekend. 'Till then, safe and happy travels everyone!