Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Well, now that it's April, March came & went without a trip! So, not to disappoint my Bloggies, I felt compelled to add something here, even though it's not entirely camping or boating related.

Every month we pull the Glastron out of the garage and start it up. Since the oil is mixed in the gas, you don't want the carburetors getting gunked up, so I crank over that Mercury "Tower of Power," 6 cylinder outboard & run the thing. It's always kind of funny just how damn loud that engine is out of water, and running it in our nice, suburban, pristine, Scottsdale neighborhood, is always a hoot. It's really verging on disturbing the peace! Nonetheless, boat is ready- Engine running great; new prop; washed, waxed and cleaned everything up, ready for Summer!

The boat becomes a huge storage bin in the Winter.

Escape from the planet of the garage.

My Wife and I talk a lot about camping and the camper when we haven't been on a trip in a while. BTW... Anything over 2 weeks is "a while." After last Summer's generator meltdown, we have decided to just stay at places where there is electricity, instead of getting another generator and trying our luck, fending off the extreme Arizona heat. As you may or may not recall, the Honeywell generator we had kept conking out, and when it's 100 degrees at night in an aluminum trailer, it can get might hot in about 30 seconds. Thing just don't work well, or at all, in 120 degree heat. So, the search is on for a place up at Lake Roosevelt that has RV hookups, so we can crank our AC full blast and feel refreshed after a good night's sleep, ready to attack another brutal day of sun, fun and water.
Van Halen is still touring with David Lee Roth! They haven't broken up yet, no one has gone back on the dope, and things seem to be going OK. That's a miracle. Can't wait for the June 16th show here in Phoenix!

This Easter Weekend, we are off to Florida for the most conventional vacation you can imagine- Walt Disney World. Yup... The In-Laws are treating us to a vacation, complete with the largest tourist attraction in the world, hotel room, and the whole 6 yards. Never been there before, should be interesting, will report back later as to whether or not it was at all adventurous and fun.
For now, Happy Camping, and boating, and temps rise here in The Valley of the Sun, we are looking forward to another fantastic boating and camping season! Stay thirsty my friends.