Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Yup... I know it's redundant, but we made yet another trip up to Lake Roosevelt with the Airflyte & Swinger! It's vintage camping at it's finest! Even though it's now September, it's still above 100 degrees up there in the Tonto Basin. Night's are a little more tolerable, but AC is required for a comfortable night's sleep.

This trip, we made an excursion past Roosevelt Dam, down the rough Apache Trail, to Apache Lake. The road curves and changes elevation in dramatic fashion, and there are places where it's just a single lane. I think the dirt road jarred loose every nut and bolt on the boat there and back!

Scenery at Apache Lake

There's a different vibe to Apache compared to Roosevelt. At Roosevelt, you have locals, old guys fishing, lot's of families, very low-key and somewhat unexciting. At Apache, there seems to be a much more lively and playful atmosphere. Lot's of folks put up a canopy to sit under in their lawn chairs right in the water. There's beaches where 20+ kids pull up there boats and hang out, kind of what you see at Spring Break at Lake Havasu. The scenery is more dramatic than Roosevelt as well, with the high canyon walls and jagged rock formations & such. The water is a lot colder as well, which can be refreshing on a 100+ degree day! I think since the journey getting there is a bit rough, people have more fun because of the challenge of arriving! That's my theory anyway, & I'm sticking with it.

Monday, Labor Day, we cleaned the '62 Shasta "Airflyte" camper thoroughly. We put a lot of effort into restoring the inside, and since it's so dry & hot in the desert, I like to keep the wood inside "oiled" and looking pristine. Not only that, but it's always nice when you come back to take it out camping and it's in clean, sweet smelling shape! There's always little projects to attend to as well, since we don't have access to our boat and camper at home, storing both up there at the lake. Had to fix a rail on the boat trailer; checked the lower unit oil on the Mercury outboard; organized and cleaned the pass-through/storage area in the camper... You get the idea!

Now back in Scottsdale, it's great to be home reflecting on another adventure. We are looking forward to cooler temps and taking the camper to new locations such as Dead Horse State Park, and Sedona, maybe even Tombstone and S. Arizona this Fall and Winter.

Happy camping, all!

(Click on photos to see actual, glorious size).

Dam Eric!

We always win the most colorful campsite award!

The Glastron "Swinger"

Little cove and beach.

Burnt Corral camping area.

Hanging out, canopy erected, chairs in the water, beers in hand!

Apache Lake


Cooking up breakfast

Roosevelt Dam, back side

Wifey at the Dam