Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well, we finally made it out with both the camper and the boat! First time in 2 years we have had them both together. We are storing them both up at Roosevelt Lake, about 2 hours northeast of Scottsdale, AZ. Had a great time, but it was just an overnighter, arrived at 6 pm, and before you knew it, we were heading back home. There just wasn’t quite enough time to really enjoy all the work that goes into planning a trip. But, we pretty much have everything up there and prepared for an entire Summer of fun & adventure!

After getting the camper from our storage place, (we had the boat with us having brought it up from home), we had a few brews and Wifey had a few glasses of cabernet. Those Sierra Nevada Torpedos will really kick your butt! It was chilly enough to have a nice fire as well. After BBQ-ing some steaks and chowing down, we retired to the Shasta to watch an old 1970's episode of "Police Woman" in HD on the computer, hooked up to a little stereo, through an inverter and a marine battery. Seems to me that Angie Dickinson was always playing a hooker trying to entrap the "customers," then arresting them.

Lake conditions were a bit windy in the morning, and temps were mild at about 74 degrees. When the boat was roaring across the water, it was even a bit chilly. Definitely not a June, July, or August feel to it… It’s still only May 1. No time for fishing, as I had to get back for band rehearsal later Sunday night.

Here’s a short video of us cruising around the lake with “The Tower of Power,” Mercury 115 outboard motor. Thing is fast and powerful, as you’ll see in the video, it almost scares us!

Take care, happy camping, more to come!