Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Busy weekend August 19-21... Had a gig with my group, BANDALISM on Friday night in Mesa. Saturday we spent the day recovering after crashing at 4 am. Ahhh yes... The life of a rock star, in our minds! My pal Bob Turner came out from L.A. to visit, so Sunday we (Wifey & I) just had to drag him to the lake to have some water fun on the boat! Great day- about 105 degrees, and water temp was about 85. Brought some sandwiches, beers (I was designated captain/driver), and munchies, and spent around 4-5 hours touring the Lake (Roosevelt), swimming, and lounging.

It's not a bad drive from Scottsdale to Tonto Basin, when you're not towing anything behind you. "The Beeline Hwy," or Hwy. 87 is really pretty, going from saguaro cactus and red rocks to more of a forest-green, hilly landscape as you gain elevation. Takes about 1 hour-20 minutes from home to the lake.

You have to get these city folk out into nature every once in a while!

Bob & Eric at Lake Roosevelt Bridge.
2 Goofy Dudes!!!!

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